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How can I get my Spanish level certificate?

This is a question that most students who have been studying Spanish for some time ask themselves. After all the effort and time invested in learning Spanish, it is totally logical that you want to officially certify your level of Spanish. So here are two ways you can do it and also some recommendations that might help you to certify your Spanish level. 

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DELE Certificate

The DELE is a certificate issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport of Spain, to measure the degree of competence or proficiency of a Spanish speaker according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and the Manual for Relating Exams.

The DELE certificate covers all CEFR levels: level A1, level A2, level B1, level B2, level C1, level C2. In Spain, DELE diplomas are recognized by national, regional, and local institutions, such as Ministerio de Justicia de España y Ministerio de Sanidad, as well as many Universities in the Hispanic countries. 

This exam is important if you want to accredit your progress in Spanish and your studies. In other words, with the exam, you can officially demonstrate the level of Spanish you currently have.

But, where can I take this exam?

The DELE exam can be taken in different locations around the world, and they do not necessarily have to be in Spanish-speaking countries. There are more than 1000 examination centers in more than 100 countries, but not all centers offer the exam at all times. Check here the different centers.

How much does it cost? 

The registration fee for the DELE exams depends on the level of Spanish of each diploma, remember that for this exam you have to register for the level you want to pass and it will also depend on the country where you register. Each candidate must consult the price of the chosen diploma in the DELE examination center of the country where he/she wishes to take the exams.

How do I register? 

Registration for the exams must be processed through the means provided by the Instituto Cervantes within the established deadlines. There are two ways to register for the DELE exam:

  1. Online, through this portal, in the case of candidates in Spain (for all levels except school).
  2. At each examination center, in the case of DELE exams outside Spain.

What kind of preparation material is available to prepare for the exam?

The Instituto Cervantes provides guides for DELE candidates which include basic information on the description and administration of the DELE exams. Check the material here

siele certificate

This exam also provides certificates according to your level of Spanish. Unlike the DELE you can register for the exam online, choose the day of the test, and shortly after the test you will receive your results. In SIELE everything is managed electronically (registration, booking, communications…) This exam was created by the UNAM, the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Salamanca, and the Instituto Cervantes, being pan-Hispanic and incorporating the different linguistic variables of Spanish.

It is also very adaptable to your needs since you can choose between the most complete SIELE Global mode or any of the 5 independent modes where only two specific tests are selected. 

How do I register? 

Choose the test modality you wish to take (SIELE Global or any of the 4 independent modalities).
Select the country, the date, and the test center where you wish to take the SIELE exam to obtain your SIELE Spanish certificate.

When do I get the results?

Within a maximum period of three weeks you will be able to download from ‘My page’ your SIELE Certificate or report, depending on the type of exam you have taken. 

Here you can also find more information on how to take the exam.

Some recommendations

  1. Prepare yourself with a teacher who is certified.

You will find a lot of offers on the Internet to prepare you for this exam but not all teachers who teach Spanish are really certified to prepare you for this exam, so always ask for the teacher’s certification before you start studying with him or her. 

  1. Study Centers

Just as with teachers, you will also find centers that are not certified to prepare you for this exam, so always ask for these certifications and you will surely notice the difference.

Still can’t make up your mind? Here is a table with the main characteristics between both exams.



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