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Perfect your Spanish skills with the help of an online tutor from Chile. You’ll improve your Spanish conversational skills at the same time as getting to grips with vocabulary, reading, and writing.

You will also be able to tailor your lessons to your own goals!

Do you send homework?

Homework is optional, I usually recommend activities related to the content we are working on and I also provide material to read or listen to if it is necessary in each case. I work with Difusion textbooks and provide you with access to interactive activities to work on at home.

Do I have to take a minimum of lessons per week?

Participants can have more sessions in a week but it’s mandatory to have at least one session per week.

Do I have to buy a textbook for the classes?

No. I use my own materials as well as textbooks published by Difusion. Along with the purchase of your lesson plan, you will have free access to the books and also to the interactive activities for you to practice at home. Materials used in the classes will be previously agreed upon with you. You don’t need to buy anything extra to attend classes, since everything will be provided by the teacher. However, if you want to buy a textbook to practice by yourself at home I highly recommend you purchase at Campus difusion

Is it possible to cancel or change the time and day of the class?

No-shows or lessons canceled within 24 hours will be charged. To cancel the classes you have to send an email to

What materials do students need for distance learning?

Basic School Supplies and Audio/Video Technology like the headset, microphone, and webcam

What do I need to take the class?


To start your online class you need:

  1. A laptop, computer or tablet with a webcam
  2. A good internet connection.
  3. A Google account.
    If you don’t have one, you can do it here
When can I start?

As soon as you and I have the availability to start. Just let me know your time availability and your needs for learning Spanish and I will contact you as soon as possible so that we can arrange a meeting or trial class for free.

What other methods of payment do you accept?

For international transactions, you can either pay by PayPal or Western Union. If you are currently in the country then you can make a bank transfer to my bank account at BCI (Banco de Crédito e Inversiones).

Can I get an invoice for paid lessons?

Of course, you can! You will simply have to send me your details (name and surname, ID and address) for you to prepare it. In case you need an invoice under your company´s name, please contact me for more information. Keep in mind that the invoices sent will be according to Chilean law

Can I take the class with my friend?

If your friend is studying Spanish too, there is no problem if you want to share a class with him or her. Just remember to let me know in advance to prepare a group class.