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Free resources to activate your Spanish

Resources that will help you learn Spanish, download them, and start traveling with me on your Spanish journey.

quedar y quedarse

how confusing are these two verbs, since they can be translated into English in many ways. Here you have some activities that might help you to practice a little bit more.


Learn the name of the main clothing items, note that some of them have names that we use in Chile.


One of the first things we do when you want to break the ice is weather talk! Learn how to talk about the weather in Spanish.


Adjectives that will help you describe a person’s character in Spanish.

99 verbs

If you’re studying Spanish and you’ve just realized how many verbs there are, here you have the 99 most important verbs, for you to print out and stick on your wall right away!


Great review of the main grammatical rules in Spanish. If you are one of those who like to keep things organized, this is ideal for you.

planner 2021

A planner might be the best solution to get organized. Here you can find different types of organizers; weekly and monthly, both designed to keep you organized and motivated in your study sessions.

100 palabras

Are you just getting started on your Spanish journey? Here are 100 essential words to help you make your first steps in Spanish, as well as some tips and recommendations.


Infographics are often very effective in educational contexts because they use images to highlight, explain or enhance text-based information. they have the unique ability to convey information and encourage data retention despite their complex nature. Here you have the main Spanish grammar rules in infographics.


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