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7 Really good podcast to practice LISTENING


Many students wonder about different techniques to continue studying and practicing Spanish outside the classroom. One technique that is quite good and allows you to become familiar with the sound of the letters and the pronunciation of the words is: listening to a podcast. 

That’s why I’ve made a list of the eight best podcasts to help you in your study sessions. Remember that these resources are only a complement to your sessions and do not necessarily represent a unique way to learn a language. 

The best way to learn Spanish is to organize your studies with different complementary resources and with the help and guidance of a Spanish teacher. In this way you will be able to achieve excellent and fast results. 

The app I like the most to listen to podcasts is Spotify. I always recommend it, because it is very intuitive to use and also suggests similar podcasts that could be interesting for you. Therefore, I recommend you to listen to all the programs in Spotify.

I hope this list will help you a lot in your studying sessions.

1. Spanish Coffee Break

In this podcast for beginners Mark teaches Spanish through different topics, talks about grammar, culture, vocabulary, etc. Mark speaks in Spanish, but mainly in English, which helps a lot and is very useful to start learning Spanish.

2. Spanish Answers

This podcast teaches Spanish in English. Sara talks about different topics, but mainly about cultural issues. I like it because it has a very good rhythm so that beginner students can learn Spanish.

3. Spanish for Beginners

This podcast teaches Spanish with English and Spanish phrases. Professor Pedro Fernandez with more than 30 years of experience makes this podcast where he talks about grammar, expressions and some cultural topics. It has a very slow and pleasant tone to listen to.

4. Spanish Obsessed

In this podcast, Rob and Liz teach vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with phrases in English and Spanish using colloquial words in conversation. They talk about topics such as family, weather, sports, and other fun topics.

5. News in Slow Spanish

This podcast is for students of Spanish who already know some basic vocabulary because although they speak quite slowly, they don’t usually translate into English so if you are level A1 it might be a bit difficult at first. The free part you find on Spotify only lasts 5 to 8 minutes and if you want to listen to the whole program you have to go to their website and pay for the subscription.

6. LatinEle podcast

In LatinELE Podcast you will listen to Marco teaches Spanish in English. You can choose to listen to the podcast for Beginners, where Marco talks about some topics such as the family, the weather, tastes and preferences and many others in English and Spanish or the podcast for advances in interview mode with other people from Latin America .

7. Spanish Stories for KIDS

This podcast is for students of Spanish and also lovers of children’s stories. Marcelo and his mother share beautiful and classic children’s stories to learn new vocabulary in Spanish.

Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What do you like about them? Do you know any others? I would love to read your comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for the tips and the podcast list! I am following it and it has helped me a lot to learn and love SPANISH as a language . Thank you Gianella!!

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