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7 CREATIVE ideas to learn Spanish before your trip


Looking to learn Spanish fast before your trip to South America? If what you need is to start improving your speaking skills then here you have some really creative tips to start practicing from now on. Don鈥檛 wait 鈥檛il the plane to start talking.

1. Small talk with your cab driver.

Small talk with the cab driver could be a great opportunity for you to improve your Spanish. Remember that one of the biggest mistakes we make when we are studying another language is: not dare us to speak with locals. But even if it is a bit embarrassing, it is better to make the effort and if you don’t remember a word, just try by giving characteristics, making sounds, using your hands, making mimics, or whatever your creativity tells you to do. 

2. Read the signs. They鈥檙e all mini language lessons.

Signs, traffic signals, street signs, anything you can read while walking down the street can help you understand more and more language. Even translating graffiti on the street can help you understand the political and social situation in the country.

3. Caption your pictures in Spanish.

Share your photos with phrases, ideas, expressions, thoughts, words that you have learned in Spanish. how better than having a photo next to memory in Spanish?

4. Ask people where the bathroom is.

You will be very surprised how useful it can be to ask in Spanish, step by step you will start to feel more comfortable with the language and if people can understand you and answer you without any problem, that’s because you are pronouncing it well, So keep going and start asking people for little things (even if you know the answer)

5. Study from the menus. Every time is worth it

It can be a fun way to learn Spanish, translating literally the menu from Spanish to English, some dish names do not make any sense and not even we know why they are called like that. For example, have you ever tried Bistec a lo Pobre? (the poor steak) it’s basically a Chilean dish that consists of a grilled steak served next to chips, fried onion, and a fried egg.

6. Watch local T.V. programs.

Learn some colloquial phrases from T.V. programs. Is a good way to understand the real use of the language and to get the differences between formal and informal situations. There are some filler words in Spanish that will help you sound more natural and to have a fluent conversation.

7. Read the newspaper.

Reading aloud helps improve your diction and expression, which you will then transfer into your speaking voice to improve pronunciation, fluency, and intonation.  In Spanish we read as we write, so you will probably not have much trouble pronouncing the words in Spanish, but this activity will not only help you to do that, it will also allow you to improve the intonation and the speed of your spoken word so that when you speak, you will sound more natural and fluent.



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